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How to choose a quality absorption hotel minibar?

Today, we will share how to choose the hotel minibar through making a comparison test between Dellcool and another brand T and brand W.

Factor #1. Safety - Ammonia Control

Ammonia leakage is a big headache for the industry of absorption refrigeration. To reduce the risks, we need to check the quality control processes for cooling units. There is one European brand who tried to lower the leakage risks by a special design controlling the unit working mechanism.

Absolute Ammonia Control. In order to solve this problem, Dellcool set up "4 Gates" from design to production to make sure ammonia leakage is under good control. In the meanwhile, it also installs an 'electronic safety dog' inside the cabinet, which will shut down the whole system when the refrigerator temperature stays same high after working a certain period of time.

Factor #2. Cooling temperature
Under similar conditions, what temperature the minibar can get to after working a while. After the safety, this is the core performance data for a hotel minibar.

"2 Cool" Technology. Thanks to the improvement of cooling unit and adoption of fuzzy logic temperature control, the cooling performance of Dellcool's products is around 2 degrees lower than other brands. Below chart is the comparison of Dellcool and brand T similar models.

(Average temperature comparison at Max level between Dellcool and brand T and W)

Factor #3. Energy Consumption
The less energy it consumes, the more popularity it receives. Today, not just the hotel customers, but also the governments are pushing for a more energy efficient refrigeration solution. The manufacturers rely on the traditional approach to control the energy consumption or they can adopt new technology to break the deadlock?

"Brisk Walk" Technology. Below is the temperature trend chart of Dellcool (top) and brand T (bottom).  Compared to the big curve at the bottom chart, the one on the top is smoother, which means Dellcool’ s refrigerator stays with pretty small temperature fluctuation. Thanks to this technology, the energy consumption of Dellcool’ s product is much lower. Dellcool is one of the few factories who can reach Europe energy class C in absorption refrigeration industry.

(Energy Consumption Comparison between Dellcool and other brands)

After considering the above three factors (safety, cooling temperature and energy consumption) plus purchase cost, we can make a proper choice for absorption refrigerators. Dellcool has been dedicated to absorption refrigeration for more than 16 years, building up sufficient knowledge in term of energy consumption control and safety/performance enhancement, wishing to get the opportunity to serve all the premium hotel customers.

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