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How to use a gas refrigerator properly?

For the sake of safety, you are kindly required to read the following notes through before using a gas refrigerator.

1.Choose the right gas source: Please make sure the gas type is in compatible with the specification of the refrigerator.
It is strictly forbidden to run two type powers simultaneously.

2. When using the gas refrigerator for the first time, you may need to press the Safety Valve button for more than recommended 20 seconds, as it takes time to exhaust the leftover air of the pipe.

3.The refrigerator must be placed in a ground that is firm and flat.  
 Never put the refrigerator in bedroom when it is working with gas power.
There should not be flammable materials or exploders near the gas refrigerator.

4. When you use LPG to operate the refrigerator, we suggest that you install an exhaust pipe linked to the outside of the room. Otherwise, there is a risk of CO poisoning.

5. The passing LPG pressure of the valve is 2800-3000Pa.

6. When you smell gas leak during operation, the steps below must be followed:
    a) Shut off the general valve of gas bottle
    b) Shut off the refrigerator. Don’t use any electric appliance including telephone
    c) Open the windows immediately for air flow
    d) Extinguish open flame around
    e) Contact the local distributor for troubleshooting. You are forbidden to use the unit before the trouble is solved.                                                        
7. Others.
Do not touch the back of the unit while it is in use.
Do not allow kids to operate the gas burner setup.

The above is what Dellcool Company has learned. If you got any good suggestion and ideas including on the improvement on gas refrigerator design, you are welcome to shoot us a mail at info@dellcool.com. Gas refrigerator is an environment friendly product. Let us work together and build a nice gas refrigerator and have it bring the consumers nice experiences. 

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